Nokia Note S Compact 2023 Release Date, Price & Full Specs!

The Nokia Note S Compact 5G is poised to make a grand entrance into the smartphone arena. As we all know, Nokia has a rich history of delivering reliable and feature-packed devices, and this new addition is no exception. With a compact yet powerful design, it promises to cater to the needs of modern smartphone users who demand both performance and convenience. But what sets it apart? Let’s find out.

Nokia Note S Compact 2023

Nokia Note S Compact Full Specs

Let’s start by laying out the key specifications of the Nokia Note S Compact in a table format:

Feature Specification
Display 6.2-inch AMOLED, FHD+ resolution
Battery 6500mAh, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging
Camera Triple-lens Setup, 108MP Main, 16MP Ultrawide, 8MP Depth
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 788 series
Storage 128GB/256GB Internal, Expandable via microSD
Operating System Android 14 with Nokia’s UI
Sound Stereo Speakers, Dolby Atmos Support
Network 5G Connectivity, Dual SIM support
Design Sleek Metal and Glass Build
Price Expected Starting Price: $650

Now, let’s explore each of these aspects in more detail.

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Design & Body

The Nokia Note S Compact boasts a sleek and stylish design with a premium metal and glass build. Its compact form factor ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to use with one hand while offering a premium feel. The device is well-crafted, and the placement of buttons and ports is intuitive, contributing to an overall user-friendly experience.


The smartphone features a 6.2-inch AMOLED display with FHD+ resolution. This translates to vibrant colors, deep blacks, and sharp details, providing an immersive viewing experience for multimedia, gaming, and everyday tasks. The screen-to-body ratio is impressive, ensuring that you get maximum screen real estate without sacrificing compactness.


Battery life is always a crucial consideration, and the Nokia Note S Compact doesn’t disappoint. With a 6500mAh battery, it offers all-day usage on a single charge. Fast charging support means you can quickly top up your device, and the inclusion of wireless charging adds convenience to the mix.


The camera setup on the Nokia Note S Compact is a triple-lens system, consisting of a 108MP main lens, a 16MP ultrawide lens, and an 8MP depth sensor. This configuration enables you to capture stunning photos with great detail and depth. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or just love taking pictures, this smartphone has you covered.


Running on Android 14 with Nokia’s user interface, the Nokia Note S Compact ensures a smooth and user-friendly software experience. You can expect timely updates and a clean, intuitive interface that enhances usability.


Audio quality is a key aspect of the user experience, and the Nokia Note S Compact delivers on this front with stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos support. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or listening to music, you’ll be immersed in high-quality sound.

Front & Back Design

The front and back design of the Nokia Note S Compact is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The front display boasts slim bezels, providing an edge-to-edge view, while the back features a neatly arranged camera module. The placement of buttons is ergonomic, ensuring ease of use.


Under the hood, you’ll find a Qualcomm Snapdragon 788 series processor that delivers snappy performance for multitasking and gaming. This processor ensures that the device handles your daily tasks with ease.

Storage Capacity

The base model of the Nokia Note S Compact comes with 128GB/256GB of internal storage, providing ample space for your apps, photos, and videos. If you need more storage, the device supports expandable storage via a microSD card, giving you the flexibility to increase storage as needed.

Network & Connectivity

With 5G connectivity support, you can expect lightning-fast download and browsing speeds. Additionally, the smartphone offers dual SIM support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS, covering all your connectivity needs.

Nokia Note S Compact Release Date

The Nokia Note S Compact is expected to be released in the coming months. While an exact date has not been confirmed, Nokia enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the official announcement.

Nokia Note S Compact Price

The Nokia Note S Compact is expected to be competitively priced, with an estimated starting price of $650. This positions it as an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality smartphone without breaking the bank.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Country Price
Nokia Note S Compact price in USA $650
Nokia Note S Compact price in India 54,131 Indian Rupee
Nokia Note S Compact price in Australia 1,023 Australian Dollar
Nokia Note S Compact price in Canada 889.22 Canadian Dollar
Nokia Note S Compact price in UK 534.71 Pound sterling
Nokia Note S Compact price in German 616.49 Germany Euro

Nokia Note S Compact FAQs

Q1. Is the Nokia Note S Compact waterproof?

A1. While the device is not fully waterproof, it does have an IP rating for water and dust resistance, providing some level of protection.

Q2. Can I expand the storage on the Nokia Note S Compact?

A2. Yes, you can expand the storage using a microSD card for additional space.

Q3. Does the Nokia Note S Compact support 5G connectivity?

A3. Yes, the smartphone supports 5G connectivity, offering faster data speeds.

Q4. Is wireless charging supported on the Nokia Note S Compact?

A4. Yes, the Nokia Note S Compact supports wireless charging for added convenience.

Q5. Will the Nokia Note S Compact receive software updates regularly?

A5. Yes, Nokia is known for providing timely software updates, including security patches and Android OS updates.


In conclusion, the Nokia Note S Compact is shaping up to be a standout smartphone in the mid-range segment. With its impressive specifications, stylish design, and competitive pricing, it has the potential to be a game-changer in the market. Whether you’re a Nokia loyalist or simply in search of a reliable and feature-rich smartphone, the Nokia Note S Compact is definitely worth keeping an eye on. Stay tuned for its official release and get ready to experience a new era of mobile technology!