Nokia Lumia N95 6G Release Date, Price & Full Specs!

The world of smartphones is abuzz with anticipation as the upcoming Nokia Lumia N95 6G prepares to make its grand entrance. Nokia has been a pioneering force in the mobile industry for decades, and their legacy continues with this latest offering. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into every aspect of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G, from its design and specs to its expected release date and price. So, let’s embark on this exciting journey to discover what sets the Nokia Lumia N95 6G apart from the rest.

Nokia Lumia N95 6G

Nokia Lumia N95 6G Full Specs

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s take a quick look at the key features of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G:

Specification Details
Display 7.0-inch AMOLED, 1080 x 2340 pixels
Battery 6900 mAh, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging
Camera Triple 250 MP + 32 MP + 16 MP + 5 MP, 108 MP Front
Platform Android 14, Nokia Custom UI
Sound Dual Stereo Speakers, Dolby Atmos
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Storage Capacity 256GB, 512GB, Non-expandable
Network 5G, 4G,6G Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2

With these specifications in mind, let’s explore what makes the Nokia Lumia N95 6G an exciting prospect.

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Design & Body

The Nokia Lumia N95 6G boasts a design that seamlessly merges form and function. Its sleek and slim profile is accentuated by a premium metal frame that not only adds durability but also gives it a touch of elegance. The device features a glass back, which not only contributes to its aesthetics but also supports wireless charging.

Nokia has paid meticulous attention to detail, with well-placed buttons and a fingerprint sensor thoughtfully integrated into the power button for added convenience. This smartphone feels comfortable in the hand and exudes a sense of craftsmanship that Nokia is known for.


The 7.0 inch AMOLED display on the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is nothing short of stunning. With a resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels, it delivers crisp and vibrant visuals. The AMOLED technology ensures deep blacks, vivid colors, and excellent contrast. Whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or simply browsing the web, this display provides an immersive experience that’s hard to match.


One of the standout features of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is its 6900 mAh battery. This powerhouse ensures that you won’t be constantly reaching for your charger. Additionally, it supports fast charging, so you can get a significant battery boost in a short amount of time. And for those who prefer wireless charging, the Nokia Lumia N95 6G has got you covered.


For photography enthusiasts, the camera setup on the Nokia Lumia N95 6G will be a highlight. It sports a triple-camera system on the rear, with a 250MP primary lens, a 32MP ultra-wide lens, and an 16MP telephoto lens 5MP (depth sensor). This versatile setup allows for a wide range of photographic possibilities, from sweeping landscapes to detailed close-ups.

On the front, the 108MP selfie camera captures sharp and vibrant self-portraits. The Nokia Lumia N95 6G also comes with a host of camera features and modes to enhance your photography game.


Under the hood, the Nokia Lumia N95 6G runs on Android 14, Nokia’s custom UI. This combination ensures a smooth and user-friendly experience. You can expect timely updates and a clutter-free interface that optimizes your smartphone usage.


The Nokia Lumia N95 6G takes your audio experience seriously with its dual stereo speakers. Whether you’re enjoying your favorite music, watching videos, or gaming, the sound quality is crisp and immersive. The inclusion of Dolby Atmos further elevates your audio experience, making it feel like you have a portable theater in your pocket.

Front & Back Design

The front of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is dominated by the expansive AMOLED display, offering an impressive screen-to-body ratio. The slim bezels and centrally placed hole-punch camera ensure an unobstructed viewing experience.

Flipping to the back, you’ll find the camera module positioned in the upper left corner, adding a touch of sophistication to the design. The placement is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, ensuring that the lenses are less likely to get smudged when you hold the device.


The Nokia Lumia N95 6G is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, ensuring snappy performance and efficient multitasking. Whether you’re running demanding apps or playing graphics-intensive games, this processor can handle it with ease. It’s the beating heart of this smartphone, contributing to a seamless user experience.

Storage Capacity

The Nokia Lumia N95 6G comes in two storage variants, 256GB and 512GB. While there’s no option for expandable storage, the ample internal storage should be sufficient for most users. Whether you’re storing a vast media library or a multitude of apps, this smartphone has the space to accommodate your needs.

Network & Connectivity

The Nokia Lumia N95 6G is well-prepared for the future with its support for 5G connectivity, offering lightning-fast download and streaming speeds. It’s also compatible with 4G networks, ensuring a reliable connection in areas where 5G is not yet available. With Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth 5.2, you’ll have seamless wireless connectivity options, and GPS support ensures you’ll never get lost.

Nokia Lumia N95 6G Release Date

The Nokia Lumia N95 6G is expected to make its debut in the market in the coming months. Nokia is known for its reliable release schedules, and fans are eagerly awaiting this device to hit the shelves.

Nokia Lumia N95 6G Price

While the exact price of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is yet to be officially confirmed, it is expected to fall into a competitive price range. Given its impressive specifications and the reputation of Nokia for delivering quality devices, it is poised to offer excellent value for your money.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Nokia Lumia N95 6G FAQs

1. Is the Nokia Lumia N95 6G waterproof?

  • The Nokia Lumia N95 6G is expected to have an IP68 rating, making it resistant to dust and water.

2. Does it have expandable storage?

  • No, the Nokia Lumia N95 6G does not support expandable storage. However, it comes in 256GB and 512GB internal storage variants.

3. What is the release date of the Nokia Lumia N95 6G?

  • While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, it is expected to be released in the near future.

4. Does the Nokia Lumia N95 6G support 5G?

  • Yes, the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is 5G-capable, providing high-speed connectivity.

5. What is the battery life like on the Nokia Lumia N95 6G?

  • With its 6900 mAh battery, the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is expected to offer impressive battery life.


The Nokia Lumia N95 6G is poised to be a game-changer in the smartphone market. With a combination of stunning design, top-notch specifications, and the legacy of Nokia, it promises to be a device that will capture the hearts of tech enthusiasts and regular users alike. Keep an eye out for its release, as this smartphone is set to redefine your mobile experience. Nokia’s reputation for quality and innovation is well-founded, and the Nokia Lumia N95 6G is a testament to their commitment to delivering excellence in the palm of your hand. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting release.