Nokia G300 Pro 5G 2023 Release Date, Price & Full Specs!

The smartphone industry is buzzing with excitement as Nokia, a trusted name in the world of mobile technology, prepares to unveil its latest innovation, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G. In this article, we will dive deep into the world of the Nokia G300 Pro 5G, exploring its full specs, design, camera capabilities, and much more. If you’re eagerly anticipating this release, you’re in the right place to get all the information you need.

Nokia G300 Pro 5G 2023

Nokia G300 Pro 5G Full Specs

Let’s kick things off by taking a look at the comprehensive specification table for the Nokia G300 Pro 5G:

Specification Details
Display 6.9-inch IPS LCD, Full HD+
Battery 6500mAh, Fast Charging
Camera Quad-Camera Setup (108MP+38 MP+8MP)
Platform Android 14, Nokia UI
Sound Stereo Speakers, Dolby Atmos
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 7-series
Storage 128GB/256GB Internal, Expandable
Network 5G, 4G, VoLTE
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC

Now that we have a glimpse of the core features, let’s delve deeper into each aspect of the Nokia G300 Pro 5G.

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Design & Body

The Nokia G300 Pro 5G showcases Nokia’s commitment to sleek and durable design. Its slim profile and premium build quality make it a pleasure to hold. The device boasts a glass front and back with an aluminum frame, exuding an air of sophistication. It’s not just visually appealing but also robust, designed to withstand the rigors of daily life.


The smartphone features a generously sized 6.9-inch IPS LCD display with Full HD+ resolution. This ensures sharp and vibrant visuals, whether you’re streaming your favorite content or browsing the web. The device’s large screen is perfect for gaming and multimedia consumption, offering an immersive experience.


With a massive 6500mAh battery, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G promises exceptional battery life. Whether you’re a heavy user or someone who values longevity between charges, this device has you covered. Fast charging support ensures you spend less time plugged in and more time on the go.


Photography enthusiasts will appreciate the quad-camera setup 108MP+38 MP+8MP on the rear. The main 108MP lens delivers high-quality shots in various lighting conditions. Additional lenses enhance versatility, allowing you to capture wide-angle, macro, and depth-of-field shots with ease. Nokia’s camera software optimizations ensure your photos always look their best.


Running on Android 14 with Nokia’s user-friendly UI, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G provides a smooth and intuitive user experience. You can expect timely software updates and security patches, keeping your device up to date.


Audio quality is often overlooked but crucial for an immersive experience. The Nokia G300 Pro 5G features stereo speakers and Dolby Atmos support, delivering crisp and rich sound. Whether you’re watching movies or playing games, the audio quality won’t disappoint.

Front & Back Design

The front of the device is dominated by the expansive display, offering a nearly bezel-less experience. The placement of buttons and cameras is ergonomic and intuitive, ensuring ease of use. The back showcases the elegant design and camera module, giving the phone a distinct look.


Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7-series processor, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G is geared for smooth multitasking and excellent performance. Whether you’re gaming or handling productivity tasks, this processor won’t let you down.

Storage Capacity

The device comes with a spacious 128GB/256GB of internal storage, ample for storing your apps, photos, and videos. And if you need more space, there’s support for expandable storage, so you’ll never run out of room.

Network & Connectivity

As the name suggests, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G supports 5G connectivity, ensuring blazing-fast internet speeds. It’s also compatible with 4G and VoLTE for seamless voice and data connectivity. With Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, you can count on fast and reliable connections for all your devices.

Nokia G300 Pro 5G Release Date

While the exact release date of the Nokia G300 Pro 5G hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is expected to hit the market in the last quarter of 2023. Nokia fans and tech enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Nokia G300 Pro 5G Price

One of the burning questions on everyone’s mind is the price of the Nokia G300 Pro 5G. While the official pricing is yet to be confirmed, industry experts anticipate that it will offer excellent value for the features it brings to the table. Keep an eye out for updates on the pricing details.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Country Price
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in USA $280
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in India 23,358 Indian Rupee
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in Australia 445.28 Australian Dollar
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in Canada 382.72 Canadian Dollar
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in UK 230.95 Pound sterling
Nokia G300 Pro 5G price in German 266.29 Germany Euro

Nokia G300 Pro 5G FAQs

Q1. Does the Nokia G300 Pro 5G have water resistance?

A1. While the device boasts a durable build, it does not come with an official IP rating for water resistance. It’s advisable to exercise caution around water.

Q2. Can I expand the storage on the Nokia G300 Pro 5G?

A2. Yes, you can expand the storage using a microSD card, giving you extra space for your files and media.

Q3. Will the Nokia G300 Pro 5G receive software updates regularly?

A3. Yes, Nokia is known for its commitment to software updates and security patches, ensuring your device remains up to date.

Q4. Does the device support 5G connectivity?

A4. Yes, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G is equipped with 5G capabilities, allowing for lightning-fast internet speeds where available.


In conclusion, the Nokia G300 Pro 5G is shaping up to be a promising addition to the smartphone market. With its impressive specifications, robust design, and the trusted Nokia brand behind it, this device is generating significant anticipation. As the release date draws nearer and pricing details are revealed, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this exciting new smartphone from Nokia. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the future of mobile technology with the Nokia G300 Pro 5G.