LG Q55 5G Release Date, Price & Full Specs!

The smartphone industry is abuzz with anticipation as LG gears up to unveil its latest creation, the LG Q55 5G. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to delivering top-notch mobile devices, LG has piqued the interest of tech enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we’ll delve into the full specifications, design, camera capabilities, and more to give you a sneak peek into what the LG Q55 has in store.

LG Q55 5G

LG Q55 Full Specs

Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at the technical specifications of the LG Q55:

Feature Specification
Display 6.7 inches, IPS LCD, 1080 x 2400 pixels
Battery 7500mAh, Fast Charging
Camera Triple – 108MP (Main), 48MP (Ultra-Wide), 16MP (Depth)
Processor Octa-core CPU
Storage 512GB Internal, Expandable via microSD
OS Android 13
Sound Stereo Speakers, 3.5mm Audio Jack
Network 4G LTE, 5G Connectivity (Depends on Region)
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 5.0
Dimensions 164.3 x 76.7 x 8.4 mm
Weight 178 grams

Now, let’s dig deeper into each of these features to get a better understanding of what the LG Q55 has to offer.

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Design & Body

The LG Q55 boasts a sleek and contemporary design that is sure to turn heads. With its slim profile and premium build quality, it exudes sophistication. The device is crafted to sit comfortably in your hand, making it ideal for extended use.


Featuring a 6.7-inch IPS LCD display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels, the LG Q55 ensures vivid and crisp visuals. Whether you’re watching videos, playing games, or simply browsing the web, the display offers an immersive experience.


Equipped with a 7500mAh battery, the LG Q55 is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle. The fast-charging feature ensures that you spend less time tethered to an outlet and more time on the go. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not supported in this model.


The LG Q55 sports a versatile triple-camera setup. The 108MP primary lens captures detailed shots, while the 48MP ultra-wide lens lets you widen your perspective. Additionally, the 16MP depth sensor adds a professional touch to your portrait photos. With these capabilities, photography enthusiasts will have a blast exploring their creative side.


Running on Android 13, the LG Q55 offers a smooth and user-friendly interface. You can expect timely updates and access to the latest features and security enhancements.


When it comes to sound, the LG Q55 doesn’t disappoint. Stereo speakers provide an immersive audio experience, whether you’re watching movies or jamming to your favorite tunes. Plus, the inclusion of a 3.5mm audio jack means you can use your preferred wired headphones without any hassle.

Front & Back Design

The device’s front features a stunning display with minimal bezels, offering a generous screen-to-body ratio. On the rear, you’ll find the camera module neatly integrated into the design, giving the LG Q55 a polished and uncluttered look. The placement of buttons and fingerprint sensor is ergonomic, ensuring ease of use.


Under the hood, the LG Q55 is powered by an octa-core CPU. This processor not only handles everyday tasks with ease but also provides a seamless gaming experience. Whether you’re multitasking or diving into graphics-intensive games, the LG Q55 can handle it all.

Storage Capacity

With 512GB of internal storage, you’ll have ample space for apps, photos, and videos. If you find yourself needing more storage, the microSD card slot allows for expansion, ensuring you never run out of space.

Network & Connectivity

The LG Q55 offers impressive connectivity options. Depending on your region, you may enjoy 4G LTE or even 5G connectivity, which provides lightning-fast download and streaming speeds. Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and Bluetooth 5.0 ensure you stay connected with ease, and GPS support aids in navigation.

LG Q55 Release Date

While the exact release date of the LG Q55 remains a closely guarded secret, industry insiders speculate that it will make its debut in the coming months. LG fans and tech enthusiasts alike are eagerly counting down the days until this exciting new device hits the market.

LG Q55 Price

The pricing details for the LG Q55 are yet to be officially announced. However, considering LG’s track record of offering competitive pricing for feature-packed smartphones, it’s safe to assume that the LG Q55 will provide excellent value for your money.

Based on different countries prices are given below:

Country Price
LG Q55 price in USA $799
LG Q55 price in India 66,532 Indian Rupee
LG Q55 price in Australia 1,238 Australian Dollar
LG Q55 price in Canada 1,074 Canadian Dollar
LG Q55 price in UK 644.93 Pound sterling
LG Q55 price in German 747.91 Germany Euro


Q1: Does the LG Q55 support 5G connectivity?

A1: Yes, the LG Q55 will support 5G connectivity, but availability may vary by region.

Q2: Can I expand the storage on the LG Q55?

A2: Absolutely! The LG Q55 comes with expandable storage via a microSD card slot.

Q3: Is wireless charging supported on the LG Q55?

A3: Unfortunately, the LG Q55 does not support wireless charging.

Q4: What version of Android does the LG Q55 run on?

A4: The LG Q55 runs on Android 12, ensuring you have access to the latest features and security updates.

Q5: Are there any special camera modes or features on the LG Q55?

A5: Yes, the LG Q55 offers a range of camera modes and features, including portrait mode, panorama, and more for creative photography.


As we eagerly await the official release of the LG Q55, it’s clear that LG has something exciting in store for us. From its impressive display and versatile camera setup to its powerful processor and 5G connectivity, this smartphone has all the makings of a standout device. Keep an eye out for updates on the release date and pricing, and get ready to experience the future of mobile technology with the LG Q55. Stay tuned for more details!