How To Cancel Total AV Subscription? 5 Easy Ways To Cancel!

Are you looking to Cancel Total AV Subscription? Whether you’ve found an alternative antivirus solution or simply wish to discontinue the service, we understand that canceling a subscription can be a common need for users. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of canceling your Total AV subscription effortlessly. We’ll cover various methods, including canceling through the website, email, phone call, PayPal, and even on your iOS device. So, let’s get started on how to bid farewell to your Total AV subscription.

How To Cancel Total AV Subscription?

How Can I Cancel Total AV Subscription? How Do I Stop TotalAV Auto-Renewal?

To cancel your Total AV subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Your Total AV Account: Visit the Total AV website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Navigate to Subscription Settings: Once logged in, locate and click on the “Subscription” or “Account Settings” tab. Here, you’ll find all the details related to your subscription.
  3. Cancel Auto-Renewal: Look for the “Auto-Renewal” option and turn it off. This action will prevent your subscription from renewing automatically when the current billing period ends.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: After disabling auto-renewal, the website may prompt you to confirm the cancellation. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Cancel Total AV Subscription From Website

If you prefer canceling your Total AV subscription directly from the website, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Total AV: Go to the Total AV website and log in to your account using your credentials.
  2. Access Subscription Settings: Locate and click on the “Subscription” or “Account Settings” option. Here, you’ll find information about your current subscription.
  3. Initiate Cancellation: Look for the option to “Cancel” or “End Subscription.” Click on it to begin the cancellation process.
  4. Confirm Cancellation: Total AV might ask for confirmation before processing the cancellation. Follow the provided steps to confirm and complete the cancellation.

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Cancel Total AV Subscription Via Email

If you prefer written communication, you can cancel your Total AV subscription via email. Here’s how:

  1. Compose an Email: Open your email client and compose a new email.
  2. Provide Account Details: In the email, include your Total AV account details, such as your registered email address and username.
  3. Request Subscription Cancellation: Clearly state that you want to cancel your Total AV subscription and that you would like to receive a confirmation email once the cancellation is processed.
  4. Send the Email: Double-check the email for accuracy, and then send it to the designated customer support email address provided on the Total AV website.

Cancel Total AV Subscription Via Phone Call

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can cancel your Total AV subscription via a phone call. Follow these steps:

  1. Find Customer Support Number: Locate the customer support number for Total AV on their website.
  2. Call Customer Support: Dial the provided number and follow the prompts to connect with a customer support representative.
  3. Verify Account Details: The representative may ask you to verify your account details for security purposes.
  4. Request Subscription Cancellation: Clearly state your intention to cancel your Total AV subscription during the call.
  5. Ask for Confirmation: Before ending the call, request confirmation of the cancellation and any other relevant details.

Cancel Total AV Subscription From PayPal

If you initially paid for your Total AV subscription through PayPal, you can cancel it using the PayPal platform. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to PayPal: Access your PayPal account by visiting the PayPal website and providing your credentials.
  2. Go to Your Payments: Once logged in, navigate to the “Payments” or “Activity” section to find your recent transactions.
  3. Locate Total AV Payment: Look for the payment related to your Total AV subscription in the transaction history.
  4. View Payment Details: Click on the Total AV transaction to view its details.
  5. Cancel the Subscription: Within the payment details, there should be an option to cancel the subscription or recurring payment. Follow the instructions to cancel.

Cancel Total AV Subscription On iOS Device

If you subscribed to Total AV through the App Store on your iOS device, you can manage your subscriptions directly from your device settings:

  1. Open Settings: On your iOS device, open the “Settings” app.
  2. Tap on Your Apple ID: At the top of the Settings menu, you’ll find your Apple ID. Tap on it.
  3. Access Subscriptions: Tap on “Subscriptions” to view all your active subscriptions.
  4. Select Total AV Subscription: Find the Total AV subscription from the list and tap on it.
  5. Cancel Subscription: Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option and confirm your choice when prompted.

 Cancel Total AV Subscription Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does HostGator Offer an App?

HostGator does not offer a specific app for managing subscriptions. However, you can access your HostGator account and subscription details through their website using a web browser on your device.

2. What Services Does HostGator Hosting Plan Cover?

HostGator offers a wide range of hosting services, including shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and WordPress hosting. Their hosting plans typically include features like free website builders, unmetered bandwidth, email hosting, and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

3. How Can I Contact Total AV Customer Support?

To get in touch with Total AV customer support, you can visit their website and access their “Contact Us” or “Support” page. From there, you can find options to contact them via live chat, email, or phone.

4. Is Total AV Available for Multiple Devices?

Yes, Total AV offers multi-device support. Depending on your subscription plan, you can protect multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, Android devices, and iOS devices, under a single account.

Wrapping Up

Canceling your Total AV subscription doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily terminate your subscription through the website, email, phone call, PayPal, or directly from your iOS device. Remember, it’s essential to ensure that your subscription is canceled before the next billing cycle to avoid any unwanted charges. If you have any further questions or need assistance, reach out to Total AV’s customer support for prompt help. Happy computing!